They could be the young men wearing suits and ties, walking and teaching everyone they meet. They could be your friends always sharing photos and memes about their beliefs on social media. They are Mormons, and it might make you wonder why they are so eager to share their beliefs with everyone they know. Mormon missionary work can be actively seen here in the Philippines and in most countries around the world. But, what makes these Mormons commit to such a global effort?

Many wonder if missions are a church requirement; something that members could be punished for neglecting. Besides, what else could be the reason for their vigor in sharing the gospel? Yes, serving a mission is a calling extended to every worthy and able young man in the Church. Yes, members of the Church are encouraged to use social media to share the gospel. But, members are not pressured to do it. What could be the reason why members commit to this work? Here are several!


Mormon missionary work philippines

Mormon Missionary Work: The Lifeblood of the Church

Their Testimony

Imagine that you have just learned an important truth that could change your life. It is safe to say that one of the first things you would do is to share it with everyone you know. This is the same for those who are  part of Mormon missionary work. They have a true testimony of their beliefs and they can’t wait to share the truth, dispel rumors, and invite others to learn more of what they believe. Elder Nobleza, an 18 year old missionary in the Curitiba Brazil Mission, said he shares the gospel “out of conviction and not out of tradition.”

A Desire to Share Their Happiness

Elder Bednar, in his talk “Come and See” shared a touching story that illustrates why Mormons love sharing their beliefs. He told of a lesson he learned from observing his two sons. While playing, one of his sons had a small accident and wounded himself. The older brother helped clean the wound, applied soothing ointment, and wrapped it with a bandage. The immediate response of the younger boy stood out to Elder Bednar. He said:

“What happened next is most important. The injured brother gathered up the remaining bandages and the almost empty tube of ointment, and he went back outside. He quickly sought out his friends and began to put ointment and bandages on their arms.

Why did that little boy do what he did? Please note that he immediately and intuitively wanted to give to his friends the very thing that had helped him when he was hurt. That little boy did not have to be urged, challenged, prompted, or goaded to act. His desire to share was the natural consequence of a most helpful and beneficial personal experience.”

Because of the gospel, members of the Mormon church often have faith-promoting experiences that they just cannot wait to share with others. Mormons share the gospel because they want you to know and feel the happiness that they enjoy.

Love For The Lord

Doing missionary work is not easy. Those who are called on full-time missions, sacrifice their time, opportunities, education, and even relationships to serve the Lord. Those who share what they know on social media, can also become subject to ridicule, especially from people who do not share the same beliefs. But what keeps them going? It is safe to say it is their love for the Lord. They love the Lord, so they commit to following His command to feed His sheep, find the lost one, and strengthen their brethren no matter the consequences.

Mormon Missionary Work: Everyone Can Be Blessed By It

In the Mormon church, there is a saying, “Every member a missionary.” So don’t be surprised if your Mormon friends are eager to share their faith with you.. It’s actually an indication of how much they care about you and value you as a friend. Their missionary efforts can provide help and strength to you, whether you share our beliefs or not.. See missionaries passing by your area? Did an LDS friend recently share something about their church? Don’t turn them away. Take the time to talk to them, ask them questions. You never know how their message could bless your life, too.