There is a saying that goes, “Humans are gods in the embryo.” When I look up at the sky at night, especially when the moon is full, I get a feeling deep inside that I am a child of God. When I was younger I tried thinking otherwise – that I evolved from apes, that I was just a finished product of chance. But I ended up dismissing the notion, and still stand in awe that we are all children of the Divine. So we ask, what makes us human then? Doesn’t it follow that genetics must make us gods since our progenitors are gods? Why have we fallen so far from the state where our Heavenly Parents are now?

girl holding a poster

We often feel that being human is a curse.

Why the discrepancy?

When we try to picture godhood, we want to see very nice people wearing white glowing robes and not having any weakness at all. Then we look at ourselves with all of life’s mess and the comparison feels impossible. It seems as though man’s nature is simply vicious and self-destructive. Maybe this is why we often excuse ourselves from our mistakes by saying, “I am only human.”

Or We Can Think Otherwise

While human nature has been overused throughout the ages as a reason for being weak, maybe we should instead try to retrace our steps and ask, “Why, with all these weaknesses, does God trust me to be an agent to myself? Why does He allow me to make mistakes?” Yes, trusting us to retain our agency is one big leap of faith for our Heavenly Father. He places this divine trust in us despite the large chance that we will not be obedient to Him. Doesn’t that make you feel good about yourself? That someone divine knows you can overcome challenges, however big they are? Maybe being human then, is not that bad at all!

Harnessing the Natural Man

Weakness and all, we have the capacity to be honed into something remarkable, if we but humble ourselves and allow God to help us (Ether 12:27). The flaws that we now have are but crude resources that, when overcome, will transform us into better creatures. Consider the natural resources that we use to our advantage. A raging waterfall and a scorching sun are both very damaging if we come into contact with them as they are. But if we make use of our intellect and capacity to work on these crude resources, they can produce something much greater – the electricity to power our cities and homes.

girl smiling holding a poster

Understanding our true nature can bring hope and peace.

Weakness Into Strength

If we accept our weaknesses and work to overcome them so we can be molded into better versions of ourselves, then we have power within us to bolster a beautiful transformation. Our natural tendencies can either abase us or make us polished individuals. It is all up to us. But wouldn’t it be nice if we considered ourselves diamonds in the rough? Instead of choosing to remain as pieces of coal, let us allow ourselves to be made into precious gems. Being human then, is not a form of weakness but a state of opportunity and a time to understand the raw materials needed for godhood that are already inside of us (2 Nephi 2:21).


For most, it is our goal to rise above our human tendencies, however; it is not always that easy to do. Believing that we are more than what we appear to be right now makes the difference. Our Heavenly Father believes in us. He knows we are innately good, but because we are exposed to a carnal environment, we can be placed in situations when we sometimes forget who we really are. But remember… That is the key. Remember and trust that gut feeling that you are special – that you are divine.