In this time when many people view marriage as less important, strengthening marriage relationships is vital. The family is not just a single unit in society, it is where children learn values first. Strengthening marriage does not always demand a lot of money. Sometimes, simple actions like giving compliments to a spouse can go a long way.

Through the years, I have come to realize that one of the reasons why we sometimes miss seeing our other half’s true worth is because we forget to compliment them. As husband and wife, you don’t just complement each other, you need to give compliments too. Here are the top 5 encouraging phrases your sweetheart needs to hear.

Strengthening marriage together.

Strengthening marriage: have you given a compliment to your spouse today?

“I am proud of you!”

In the 2015 General Conference of the LDS church, Sister Linda K. Burton gave this powerful statement: “When we choose to complete rather than compete, it is so much easier to cheer each other on.” Because of the different roles of men and women, husbands and wives often make different contributions to the home. Don’t forget to acknowledge the efforts of your spouse. You are your other half’s best friend. Make sure that they know how proud you are of them. By doing so, you will also begin to see your spouse’s amazing traits.

“You inspire me.”

If you were asked to identify one inspiring thing about your spouse, what would it be? Do they know how much you appreciate what they do? Because of the responsibilities that come with building a home and a family, stress is inevitable. Take the time to silently observe your spouse. What kind of service does he or she give to others? What qualities do you learn from them? Let your spouse know that you see their simple acts and tell them how much they inspire you.

“You put so much heart in everything you do.”

In Tracy Lyn Cutler’s book “An 8 Cow Woman Deserves An 8 Cow Man,” she indicated that one of the things we need to develop in marriage is Passion. Everyone has a passion for something. For my husband, that would be building something out of nothing. For me, that would be writing. Oh, how easy it would be for me to complain about his weird project, or for him to get irritated by the mess I make while writing. Is the scenario familiar? Despite the mess I make, though, my husband still takes the time to compliment my writing because he knows my passion. Know your spouse better by knowing what sets their spirit on fire, and encourage them with compliments sometimes. It lets them know their efforts don’t go unnoticed.

“You’re beautiful/ handsome!”

Who doesn’t need this phrase? Being praised for our traits is great, but being told we’re beautiful does a lot for our confidence, too. Remember the story of Mahana and Johnny Lingo? Mahana was a village girl who everyone thought was ugly. When she married Johnny Lingo, who traded 8 cows for her hand in marriage, she surprised everyone when she transformed into a beautiful woman. When asked what happened, Johnny Lingo said “she has always been beautiful to me.” There is no doubt Johnny Lingo made sure his wife knew that and it influenced her for the better. Imagine how such encouragement could build and help your other half!.

“I love you.”

Elder Richard G. Scott said once “Do you tell your [spouse] often how much you love [him/her]? It will bring [them] great happiness.” Don’t withhold from your spouse expressions of love, either in words or in deeds.

Indeed, marriage is the most special relationship here on earth and the life after. Therefore, we must do all that we can to strengthen our marriages and our families. It won’t take a lot of money to make your spouse happy. Your daily, sincere expressions of love delivered through compliments can bless your marriage in ways no amount of money could ever do.