It was a fifth Sunday so the bishopric, or the leaders of local branches of the Church, were assigned to talk. My brother-in-law is a member of the bishopric so I paid more attention to his words on tithing and the blessing of being a full tithe payer. Tithing, to simplify the principle, is giving a tenth of a member’s income willfully to help establish more the kingdom of God on earth. My brother-in-law was sharing how keeping the Law of Tithing taught him that Heavenly Father will send angels to help His obedient sons and daughters during difficult times.

He has not graduated from college yet, but he was blessed with a job that barely sustains his family. My sister graduated but chose to be a stay-home mom taking care of her two little kids. I always thought that their marriage was not planned well, that they could have waited a little more and saved up enough money to prepare to build a family. The world today offers you comfort when you have the money to pay for it. It is a social fact so I thought I was being logical and realistic.

However, my views have changed after he spoke that Sunday. He said, “My young family has not been financially stable since my wife and I got married.”
“I know.” I thought to myself.

He continued, “But despite our struggles and difficulties, we have been keeping the Law of Tithing and Heavenly Father has sent angels to help us when we are in need. My parents-in-law and my family live in the same building. We are located on the 1st floor and they are on the 2nd floor. When things are hard, we have been blessed as we looked up to God. It is funny because when I say looking up to God, it also means literally looking up—looking upstairs where my wife’s parents live. Each time we struggle, my wife’s family always offered helping hands. They have been the angels promised by God to my young family especially when we are faced with trials. I am very grateful every day for all their support, love, and understanding. God has been watchful and He always kept His promises. I know He will never fail my family as we keep the Law of Tithing.”

I was seated beside my sister and as I looked at their two little kids, my tears started to fall. I did not realize how much our support meant to their family. He described my whole family as angels sent by Heaven for their help. I knelt down in prayer that night and asked for forgiveness for thinking that they brought their own sufferings to themselves when they decided to start family.

When God said that He will send angels to our left and right when we are in trouble, He meant angels from heaven and angels here on earth. I am grateful for the blessing that we have opportunities to serve and that, through the words of the prophets of God, we realize that we can become angels to many.