“Why are Mormons passionate in sharing their beliefs?” is one of the common questions I receive growing up. As I shared more the gospel, I realized that this passion is all because of love towards others and of willingness to impart that same happiness I’ve been realizing in my life. From seatmates to sisters for eternity has been a story I will forever cherish with my childhood classmate, Chaelyn. Yes, there is forever in friendships, too. I felt the blessing of having our friendship extended into eternity as she accepted the answers to her questions and the invitation to baptism.


June 2009

Young LDS sister shared the gospel to classmate

On the very fist day of school, attending a new school was a daunting experience for me. I neither had any idea of the campus nor the classes I would be in until I met Chaelyn Albances.

She was the first person who made me feel at home in my new school. We clicked well and fast. Because we loved to talk about random things, it was inevitable when she asked questions about my faith. One particular question that stood out was, “Do Mormons have problems? You always look so happy as if you don’t have any major concerns.”

Although she was genuinely curious about my beliefs and my life as a Mormon, I was hesitant to ask the LDS missionaries to her home since it could make our friendship awkward. But, there was something about Chaelyn that told me that she was ready to hear the message. It took couple years after when I requested the missionaries to visit her.


August 2011


Filipino young woman's baptism

Eight months after that first appointment, Chaelyn was baptized in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. On that beautiful afternoon, I saw how she glowed with radiance. Her willingness to learn the gospel of Jesus Christ helped her overcome the challenges towards this greater commitment – baptism. I witnessed her grow as she finished reading the Book of Mormon and became satisfied from the answers she received from the book. The Lord knows that she can do marvelous things in building His Kingdom on this Earth. This was the day I embraced the feeling we came from seatmates to sisters for eternity


Feb 26, 2014

Sisters pose with an LDS Filipino married friend

My wedding day was very special to me as I was sealed to my eternal partner and witnessed Chaelyn’s first time in the temple. “There is a special spirit in the Temples of the Church and I am grateful to be given the chance to feel it,” was how she described her feeling inside the Holy place.

Our friendship has been a source of inspiration as we shared goals together in building each other up to be better daughters of God.



August 28, 2015

LDS sister at the Philippines MTCA little over 4 years after her baptism, Chaelyn was called to serve in Idaho Pocatello Mission. This woman who also looked for truth is now the one who is bringing it to others. Looking back, I feel grateful that the Lord used me as His instrument for Chaelyn. I remember the song “I’ll Find You My Friend” from this experience. I can testify that I found her!

From my last conversation with her, she said:

The Savior doesn’t count how many rejections we receive but He counts how many souls we bring to His fold. He doesn’t care who you will bring, for every soul is great in His sight! NO effort is wasted. Jesus Christ died for all of us and so repentance is REAL! I love this work. Missionary work is the best!

I still cannot describe the feelings that come to me every time I think of my experience sharing the gospel with Chaelyn. More than anything, I am grateful that I did and that the Lord gave me the opportunity to serve a young woman who was bound to do wonders for Him. Let us find those opportunities to inspire our own friend and we may someday begin our stories from being seatmates to friends for eternity.