As a new year begins, and our desire to do better and be better is stronger than ever, let us reflect upon the life of the Savior and how we can live this year in a more Christlike manner.

The scriptures are replete with Jesus Christ’s invitations to us. There are  many ways we can each better heed his call. So in addition to the other things in your life you would like to work on, try including these 5 new year resolutions on your list.

New Year's resolutions from Christ's invitations

Heeding Christ’s invitations can help us make meaningful New Year’s resolutions.

Resolve to Repent Quickly

The call to repentance has always been and still is the primary plea of the Savior of the world. Procrastination and justification make one numb to the remorse one feels after making mistakes. Deciding to repent quickly, apologize immediately and sincerely, and accept mistakes willingly is one good new year resolution that will make us more like the Savior.

Resolve to Follow Him

“Come follow me,” the Savior said. As we look to the life of Jesus Christ, we see a man who always did what Heavenly Father expected of Him. In His earthly life, He ministered to the people – teaching them, feeding them, and expressing His great love for them. He calls to us today to do as He did. May we increase our desire to be better disciples by serving better, being more friendly and less judgmental.

Resolve to “Come Unto Him”

The Savior of the world constantly asks us to draw close to Him. As we face challenges this year may we not forget that He is the source of all strength and comfort. Draw close to Him through studying the scriptures daily. Make prayers more personal and sincere. Attend church meetings, do Temple work, and have Family Home Evenings. New year resolutions like these will strengthen our relationship with the Savior.

Resolve to Feed His Sheep

Mindful of the welfare of men, Jesus Christ reminded His Apostles of old to administer to His flock. In our day, we can participate in the work by sharing the Gospel. Strengthen the testimonies of the people we meet. Our examples mirror our beliefs. They strongly show our conviction to let the Savior’s light shine through us. May we strive to refine our thoughts, words, and actions so those around us may be filled with the love of Christ.

Resolve to Use The Atonement in Your Life

We are humbled by how the Savior suffered so the world will not suffer the way He did. But are there times when we forget the very purpose of His Atonement? May we take part in that great act of sacrifice by turning to our Savior and allowing Him to take the burden of our sins away. Feel the healing and empowering strength of His love for us despite our imperfections. We can also help others turn to Christ and feel the power of the Atonement, by being more compassionate and more forgiving. Give selfless acts of service, and put others before ourselves.


This year will be happier and more fulfilling as we put more meaning into the things we do daily. Modeling our lives after the invitations of the Savior will help us become better versions of ourselves. A loving Father in Heaven is mindful of us. What better way to teach us than by sending someone perfect and pure to mark the path to genuine peace and joy.