Sustaining the brethren is loving God.

Part of our human nature is the desire to know the reason for everything we experience in life. Why do birds fly? Why do I have to finish school? Why should I pay tithes? Why, why, why… Wanting to understand life is not necessarily a bad thing. In contrary, we are encouraged to seek knowledge and wisdom. But we have to remember that this life is not just about logic or reasoning alone. One of our goals in life is to develop our faith.

One way that we increase our faith is by following the words of our prophet.  The Lord continually reveals His will to the prophet, but does not necessarily reveals the reasons behind it. We need to exercise our faith believing that the Lord knows everything from the beginning to the end. When we have a testimony that the prophet receives revelations from the Lord, we have the confidence to follow his counsel even when we do not understand everything at the moment.

general conference shaking hands


The Lord knows what is best for us. He wants us to be happy and that’s why He continuously reveals His will to the prophet and His apostles. When we have the faith to listen and obey, we will be blessed.

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