Family singing hymns in family home eveningYou may have heard the tale before: you can’t tell if your husband truly loves you because he doesn’t always say it. Sometimes saying “I love you” is not part of a man’s habit. Some men don’t always find it easy to deal with words and verbal expressions of love, but there are other ways of saying “I love you” that you might be missing.

Stereotypically, women tend to express their feelings verbally more often, while men can sometimes struggle to express their feelings out loud. As a result, misunderstandings can arise within marriage. But how can you know if your spouse is trying to show affection in other ways? Here are 5 of the sweetest ways husbands can say “I love you,” even if they’re not using words.


They put your comfort first

The life of a wife and mother can be very busy and sometimes, these women wonder whether the burden will ever be lightened. Husbands are not oblivious to this reality, and often truly want to ease their wife’s struggles in the best way they can. Tasks can often be so overwhelming that a woman doesn’t see the effort her husband puts into providing her the comfort that she needs. One of the ways a husband can show love is to sacrifice his comfort and prioritizes his wife’s. Offering a back massage despite his own hectic, tiring day at work, may be his way of showing love. These little actions by a husband can shout volumes about how much he loves and cares for his wife.


They contribute to chores at home

Many men offer expressions of love in the form of actions. Doing the dishes, the laundry, or tucking the children into bed may be some ways that a husband tells his wife that he loves her. Most women will be able to think of a time when her husband contributed to work around the house, and the feelings of gratitude that she felt then, but sometimes a husband’s contributions can go unrecognized if they are outside a woman’s sphere of influence. Did he change the oil in the family car by himself, or fix something that’s been broken? If he can save his wife from one tiring task, it is a true expression of love.


They listen

One unknown author wrote, “A good husband wipes her tears, but a great husband listens to the story of why she is crying.” Knowing that there is someone who is willing to listen to her, no matter what, is such a comforting thing. Listening is one of the greatest expressions of love and blessed is the wife who has a husband who loves her enough to listen to her pain, happiness, and random thoughts. He may not be able to speak the perfect words, or give the best advice, but his act of sincerely listening is a huge show of love.


They do unsolicited service

When a couple is courting, it is not hard to spot obvious expressions of love such as service, or gifts, but after marriage his surprises can come in subtle yet really sweet ways. Lesson 101 on expressing love is that often it comes in the form of unsolicited service. I remember when we were newly married and I was working and studying at the same time. We did not have a decent table for me to do my work on, so I would sit crouched on the bed. I would often complain of back pain because of this uncomfortable position. Until one day, my husband surprised me with my very own table. Although it was made from recycled materials, I bawled my eyes out. Here was a man who heard my little complaints…and did something about it. A husband can show his love in beautiful ways, just through the little acts of service he does for his wife and family.


They show affection in front of their kids

In her talk “Love Her Mother,” Elaine S. Dalton shared a quote that still rings true today: “The greatest thing a father can do for his daughter is to love her mother.” Indeed, one of the best ways that husbands express their love for their wives is when they let their children see how their treat their mother. When children know that their parents love each other and are happy, it has a huge impact on them. Not only is it a sweet way to strengthen love in the family, it also teaches the children a lot about how men and women should treat each other.


They support their wives in every way

Filipino family enjoying - silent ways of saying "I love you" to each otherMarjorie Pay Hinckley paid tribute to the ways her husband made her feel loved. She said “I am very grateful for a husband who always lets me do my own thing. . . . He never insists that I do anything his way, or any way for that matter. From the very beginning he gave me space and let me fly. What a man!” When a husband supports his wife in her passions and dreams, and makes her feel that he believes in her, he is a man who shouts “I love you” in his own silent ways. Giving support to the love of his life is a heartwarming way in which guys can show love.

Understanding other ways in which men show love can truly make a woman see her husband in a different light. He may not say “I Love You” as often as she does in a day, but his actions, sacrifices, and support already speak volumes. In turn, expressing gratitude for him and appreciating his efforts are ways in which a wife can further acknowledge and strengthen her bonds with her husband, and help their love and their marriage to grow and blossom.


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