On the 4th week of July, Timoteo Lovendino Manosig and Ma. Erlinda Lado Manosig, sent off their son to serve a 2-year full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. John Timothy Manosig will be serving in the Philippines Cagayan de Oro Mission. He is the 13th missionary to serve from the Manosig family and he will be known as Elder Manosig for 2 years. Eleven of the thirteen children have already completed their missions. John’s sister, Clarissa, is currently serving in the Australia Melbourne mission.

Timoteo was baptized in May1974 and later married Erlinda in September 1976. Erlinda was baptized a year later in August 1977. His dream was to have an eternal family and this dream came true when his family was sealed for time and all eternity in the Philippines Manila Temple in 1989.

Manosig family sends off 13th missionary

(Photo Credit: Mormonnewsroom.org) Manosig family

The Manosig family of 15 loves missionary work. They help bring souls unto Christ by participating in missionary work and activities. They also faithfully fulfill callings in the Church because they believe in serving the Lord by serving others. Their love of service comes from the love they feel at home and the love they have for the gospel of Jesus Christ. They have experienced the great blessings and joy of the gospel and they want others to experience the same. They have tried above all to raise their family in a gospel-centered home where the love of Jesus Christ is shown and felt, and missionary work is a way to serve the Lord.

The Manosig family is growing, since some of the children are starting to build families of their own. There have been three more temple marriages and four grandchildren. As they raise their children, their parent’s example becomes their inspiration to build a family who loves and serves the Lord. This inspiration is a legacy that will be passed on from generation to generation.

Missionary service

There are 74079 full-time missionaries currently serving in 418 missions around the world, with 4600 serving in 21 missions in the Philippines. These missionaries are ages 18 and above for men, and 19 and above for women. These men and women leave their homes for 24 months (for men) or 18 months (for women), at their own expense to proclaim the glad tidings of the gospel of Jesus Christ. To read more about missionary service, visit Missionary Work.

Eternal Families

One of the core doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is that families can be together forever, which means that family relationships do not end at death but continues beyond the grave. The sealing ordinance that happens in the temple makes this possible. To read more about eternal families, visit The Sealing Ordinance Links Families Eternally.

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