President  Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve addressed Filipino Saints.

Excitement began when the San Pablo stake president, President Maligon gave us a heads up that the devotional would start in 10 minutes. Everyone was encouraged to observe silence and stay on their sits until the devotional ends. Everyone was so thrilled to see the apostle. Exactly 4:00 pm, Elder Russel M. Nelson, Elder Shayne M. Bowen, Elder Tobias, President Amistad with their wives entered the sacrament hall. It was a glorious scene for all of us. Everyone was smiling and could not hide the joy seeing from these wonderful leaders.

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Talks of the wives of these great leaders filled the room with sweet spirit that lingered in the heart of many. Sister Tobias talked about motherhood and how choices in life affect eternally, followed by Elder Tobias who focused on gaining the spirit by pondering and reading the scriptures. Everyone was amazed when Sister Bowen delivered her talk in Tagalog! After her talk, Elder Bowen commended his wife for her wonderful service to the church and most especially to her family. He also talked about this generation’s loss of identity. He encouraged everyone to get a Patriarchal Blessing and make a life plan. He also spoke about tips for relationships. He said, “We, (Sister Bowen and himself) don’t compete against each other, rather we complete each other”. He also added, “The longer you stay single, the weirder you become”.



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The whole congregation got excited when Sister Nelson stood. Her outgoing personality thrilled everyone. One thing she talked about was the 30-Day Challenge. For this challenge, everyday you will pray with a scripture on your chest and you will ask specific question. After your prayer, you will open the scripture and randomly pick a verse and that will be the answer! (cool huh?) After a humorous talk from Sister Nelson, the apostle of the Lord, Elder Nelson, spoke to us – the time everyone‘s been waiting for. I testify of this great man’s quiet spirit. It was empowering yet so calming. I would say I felt joy from the peaceful atmosphere brought by Elder Nelson. He started by inviting us to pray for the dedication that will be held in Fiji followed with a sad news that there will be a typhoon coming exactly that day too. Honestly I am not worried at all. I know that is the perfect time for the typhoon because I know God will protect them because Elder Eyring will be there. After that he started his talk about prayer and prophets. He quoted “pray to know what to stop doing and pray to know what to start doing” This stuck to my heart and made me contemplate. Am I living and doing what the Lord expects me to do?

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It all ended as quietly as it started. Though we were not able allowed to take a selfie or shake hands with them, the spirit we’ve felt was better than taking a picture. Testimonies were strengthen and hearts uplifted, that’s the most important thing of all.

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