Eating with family, preparing to face an ordinary day with family, having a road trip or out of the country trip with family, family picnic and all other recreational or daily activities that we do with family are priceless, memorable and fun. During these precious moments, we want our family members to be safe, to be kind to each other, to love one another, to forgive when someone is at fault, to serve each other and enjoy each other’s company. Would you believe that this wish list can be granted when you ask in faith as a family?

Before you step out the front door, take time to pray

The home is a sanctuary and a refuge place and you do not know what awaits you and your family upon stepping out the front door. Taking the time to gather around to pray before leaving your home is a simple act that will change the course of your day. Ask for safety as you travel to work, school or places you are visiting that day, that the kids will be able to actively participate in school and find value in their learnings, that there will be opportunities to be of service to others during the day, that each of you will be able to focus and embrace all the positivity of the day and shun the negatives, that each one will be grateful for another day to accomplish great things. I promise that guidance will be provided for your family as you take to pray.

Before the silvering sounds of forks, spoons and knives, take time to pray

Eating with family is one of the most exciting moments to behold. However, this has become less and less as the millennial years go by. So the next time you eat with your family, take the time to express gratitude for everyone’s presence at the dining table, that everyone took the time to pause from their individually busy lives to be together as a family, that food has been prepared and don’t forget to say thanks to the people who prepared it. Being grateful is a good way to start a hearty meal and conversation.

Before the adventure begins, take time to pray

Plans smoothly followed make the family happy and contented. However, plans gone wrong sometimes make the family furious and discontented. Being calm and receptive to suggestions and alternatives becomes hard in this situation. But however hard it may seem, with prayer, help will always be on the way. Ask that each family member will have patience and understanding when things don’t go as planned, that each will find joy in simple things when things get hard and that people around will have a cheerful heart. I know that even if there are deviations in the plans, family adventures will remain exciting and enjoyable as your family take time to pray.

There’s more and you are free to add more to this list. The bottom-line is, there are so many activities/adventures that each family member has to complete each day that we need all the help we can get. We can receive that help when we take time to have a family prayer.