If there’s one thing we can be sure about in this world, it is that the Lord loves us. He loves us despite our weaknesses, He loves us despite our shortcomings. But with this love come great expectations – our Father in Heaven wants us to become like Him. Like every loving parent, the Lord gives us corrections at times – corrections that can help strengthen us. These corrections are inspired and patterned to our needs. But in this fast-paced, noisy world, do we really take the time to pause and listen for Heavenly Father’s loving corrections?

One favorite Primary song is “I Am a Child of God,” in which we sing, “Lead me, guide me, walk beside me, help me find the way.” In our mortal journey, the Lord will give us guidance and direction, helping us know what we should do. Most of the time, we stray from what is expected of us. As a loving parent, the Lord won’t take away our choice, or force us to do anything. Instead, He sometimes sends reminders in the form of corrections.

I learned a valuable lesson about correction one time when I was travelling with my son and getting ready for date night. Silently complaining about the stresses of motherhood and how money just never seemed to be quite enough despite working so hard, I was anything but grateful. I thought to myself, “Oh, if only I could earn more so we could afford a car, life would be so much better.” Right then, a group of 3 people boarded the jeep (public transport in the Philippines). Their shirts said, “Tandang Sora Street Sweepers.” These 3 people were laughing hard and enjoying each other’s company. Then, I heard one of them say “I only have PhP 320 left in my salary for today. But it’s okay.” After hearing that, I felt so humbled about my circumstances and the way I had reacted to them. There I was, about to eat at an expensive ramen restaurant and I was still ungrateful. I was so focused on things that I lacked that I did not take the time to express gratitude for the things that I had. I felt it was heaven’s gentle correction just for me –  a reminder to simply be grateful.

There are great lessons that come when we heed the Lord’s corrections. When listened to regularly, these corrections can lead and redirect us in our mortal journey. But they don’t always come as grand epiphanies – most of them come in gentle promptings. Here are some ways we can receive, and listen to the Lord’s loving reminders.

Make Time for Silent Assessments

In this busy world, we can easily get caught up with commitments, to-do lists, and various activities. Needless to say, our world gets so noisy that it is sometimes hard for us to sit down, enjoy some quiet time, and make personal assessments. When we take adequate time to ponder and reflect on how we live our life, the Holy Ghost will surely be there to help us know what we can do better. Our Father in Heaven knows – above anyone else – what we need. When we take time to listen and be open to corrections, we can receive them.

correction from God scriptures

Scriptures: a direct source of correction from God

Direct Questions to the Scriptures

It’s hard to forget a scripture passage that once taught us a lesson or made us realize there’s more we can do. One of the ways that the Lord speaks to His children in these latter-days is through scriptures. Make your scripture study more meaningful by asking a question before you study. In 1 nephi 19:23, Nephi acknowledged that likening the scriptures to our lives can be for our “profit and learning.” Ask questions about what else you can do and seek for answers – or corrections – from the scriptures.

Ask “What Lack I Yet?”

During the October 2015 Conference, Elder Larry R. Lawrence gave an invitation for everyone to ask this question: “What lack I yet?” He said:

“The Holy Ghost makes an ideal traveling companion. If we are humble and teachable, He will take us by the hand and lead us home. However, we need to ask the Lord for directions along the way. We have to ask some difficult questions, like ‘What do I need to change?’ ‘How can I improve?’ ‘What weakness needs strengthening?’”

Take the time to ask the Lord what else you need to do to become better or to improve. Some answers may come instantly, while some may take time. But we must listen to the answer and be committed to work on it.

Develop a Sensitivity to Promptings

Being sensitive to the promptings of the Spirit comes in handy when navigating life. However, developing a keenness to the promptings of the Holy Ghost takes effort – just like learning a new language. One of the great ways to develop a heart that knows when a prompting is from the Lord, is through living a life that’s worthy of the companionship of the Holy Ghost, and always acting on the spiritual impressions we receive. By doing these, we become more sensitive to the Spirit’s guidance and we can develop an eagerness to obey and work on the impressions because of the blessings we have previously received and experienced through promptings.


Corrections are a loving reminder from the Lord that He wants us to improve, and be happier in life. Let’s not be afraid of corrections – let’s welcome them, and learn from them.