Because Jesus Christ overcame death – both physical death and spiritual death – all of us have reason to rejoice!

And just as sweet as the victory over death is the chance to live a life that is happy and free from the burden of sin. The Atonement of the Savior affords forgiveness to everyone who is willing to repent and come unto Him. It offers a sense of freedom from the shackles of sin that come from breaking the commandments of the Lord.

Woman feeling alone in a sea of grass.

The burden of sin can weigh us down.

We Can Be Forgiven

The weight we carry because of our mistakes can be unloaded. Jesus Christ has paid the price of justice and is offering mercy to all. This is the very essence of Easter – new beginnings. As we embrace what the Atonement can do for us, we will enjoy the freedom it gives us from sin. But to access the full blessings of His sacrifice, we must be willing to do what is required of us – faith, repentance and obedience to all of His commandments.

We Can Forgive Others

The suffering endured by Jesus Christ gives us the assurance that we will not suffer the way He did. That applies to all of God’s children all over the world. We can rest assured that whatever harm or pain inflicted on us by others has already been paid for. That is why we are required to forgive everyone. It is our duty to forgive because the price has already been paid. This is truly a relief for all who are burdened with grief because of others’ actions.

We Can Forgive Ourselves

Sometimes the one who is hardest for us to forgive is ourselves. We may be frustrated because we have goals we haven’t met. We may fall short of our expectations of ourselves. These feelings of inadequacy are stumbling blocks to personal progression. The Savior invited us to “be perfect” even as He is. We must remember that the sweet gift of forgiveness is available to all – especially to ourselves. We can continue to work on becoming the person we want to become because of the Atonement of the Son of God.

As we celebrate Easter, let us see beyond the Easter Bunny or the egg hunts. Let us find joy in the Savior and express gratitude for His Atonement. May we spread the light and hope the Atonement brings into our lives and to the lives of those around us. Let us offer the healing balm of forgiveness not only to those who may have wronged us, but to our aching souls as well.

Woman jumping for joy in the woods.

Forgiveness brings a sense of freedom and brings joy to all.

The Savior died for us. But that is not the good news. On the third day, He arose victor over the enemy who is death. Because He lives, we can fully live our lives. Because He gave His life, we can claim ours.