Christmas is just around the corner and many people are busy preparing for this most awaited time of year. But no one is so busy that they could not squeeze in a few hours of service on their Christmas to-do list. Here are some service ideas that you can do.

  1. Grab lunch with a friend. Think of someone who barely gets to go out or relax and take this friend somewhere simple and quiet to eat lunch, and catch-up with each other’s lives. But remember that this should be about taking her out to relax and have fun. Sharing your problems and struggles in life might not be a good idea. Focus on areas that would uplift you, not necessarily spiritual things, but something positive for you both.
  2. Send a note to a friend you haven’t been in touch with this year. While grabbing lunch is a good idea, it might not be possible if a friend is living far away or overseas. Sending a note electronically is a convenient way of saying hello and letting them know that you’re thinking of them. Along with a few sentences about your own life, make sure to ask them how they are doing and what they are planning for Christmas. Even if you see each other’s updates and pictures on social media and hit the “Like” button once in a while, a private note is different. It has a more personal touch to it.
  3. Make a DIY Christmas card for someone. If sending a virtual note is too mainstream, you can create your very own Christmas card and give or send it to a friend. There are lots of ideas you can find on Pinterest and other DIY sites that will teach you how to make an easy and affordable Christmas card.
  4. Babysit for a couple one Friday night. Couples who have kids and are both working may sometimes find it difficult to include a “date night” in their busy schedule. For some, it might have been years since they had a date night so give them a short break and babysit their children for a few hours so they can get a nice, quiet meal together, watch a movie, etc. without having to worry about their kids at home. You can even invite a friend over to help babysit with you, if the parents are okay with it, to make things easier.
  5. Help decorate someone’s house for Christmas. Although Christmas is a long-awaited season, some families might not have the time to put up their Christmas decorations or might not have the resources to do so. Ask if they have Christmas decorations or what decorations they already have at home, so you can plan on what to bring. This could be a Family Home Evening
  6. Cook dinner for someone. Pick a family in your neighborhood or a family friend and prepare a meal for them. You might consider a family who recently had a baby, or is taking care of a sick loved one. The food does not have to be grand. Something as simple as rice and chicken adobo could be a huge blessing to someone.
  7. Donate to Others. Clean out your closet and your food storage, donating clothes that you no longer use and food that will soon expire. You can hold a garage giveaway at your house and invite friends and families to take items that they need. You can also invite them to bring clothes and goods that they want to donate. This could be a great “give and take” activity in your community.

There are many service ideas that you can include on your Christmas to-do list. These acts of love can be done within and outside the walls of your home. Do you have any other Christmas service ideas? Share them in the comments section below for other readers to choose from.