Many of us have had a witness of the truthfulness of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and the tender mercies of God. We may have received this witness before we agreed to be baptized, when we read and prayed about the Book of Mormon, when we were facing a trial, or when we received answers to our prayers. These experiences may seem common to some, but these inspired moments, when remembered, can reinforce our stronghold when our faith is being shaken. Here are some situations where remembering our spiritual experiences is very important.

Anti-Mormon content

The accessibility of the Internet right at our fingertips comes with the accessibility of Anti-Mormon content that flood almost every aspect of the online community. Some of this content is written by experts and backed up by archeological or historical evidence. Sometimes it is so well written that we begin to entertain questions that challenge our beliefs.

When we are facing these moments of uncertainty, we might want to ask ourselves, “What about the witness I received about the Book of Mormon? What about the cleansing power of the Atonement that I felt after my baptism? What about the joy that filled my bosom when my family was sealed together for eternity in the temple? What about the scripture passage or the prophet’s counsel that helped me to make the right decisions? What about the miracles that got me here?”

Remembering the inspiration we have received will strengthen and fortify our faith as we are confronted with uncertainties. It will help us hold on to the truths we already know while we search for other truths we are yet to discover.

Blessings in great abundance

When we receive increase in our lives, we sometimes forget the source. Sometimes we even attribute this increase to our own wisdom and strength. When we receive blessings in great abundance, we must raise our voices in thanksgiving to the Giver of all blessings and gifts. Expressing gratitude to the source of all our blessings keeps us from lifting up our hearts in pride and boasting of our own strength because of our riches.

We read many accounts in the scriptures of generations who were blessed abundantly by God and later turned their hearts away from the Lord because of pride. We learn from these accounts that God was not pleased with these generations.

When everything seems to be going wrong. When we are in difficult situations, there is a tendency to succumb to the thought that God does not exist or He does not care about us. Remembering the tender mercies of the Lord and His compassion towards us in the past will give us the reassuring feeling that God is ever mindful of His children.

“O remember, remember,” prophets have implored, many of them emphasizing the importance of remembering the tender mercies of God towards us. They want us to remember, lest we forget that there is a Great Giver of all things and that we must live in thanksgiving daily all the days of our lives, regardless of our circumstances. Remember, remember then, lest we forget.