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Commitment to our highest priority—to love and serve God—requires that we look to His law for our standard of behavior. For example, we remain under divine command not to commit adultery or fornication even when those acts are no longer crimes under the laws of the states or countries where we reside. Similarly, laws legalizing so-called “same-sex marriage” do not change God’s law of marriage or His commandments and our standards concerning it. We remain under covenant to love God and keep His commandments and to refrain from serving other gods and priorities—even those becoming popular in our particular time and place.

In this determination we may be misunderstood, and we may incur accusations of bigotry, suffer discrimination, or have to withstand invasions of our free exercise of religion. If so, I think we should remember our first priority—to serve God—and, like our pioneer predecessors, push our personal handcarts forward with the same fortitude they exhibited. — Dallin H Oaks
No matter what the world says, Heavenly Father knows your true worth.

Satan is the father of all lies, especially when it comes to misrepresentations about our own divine nature and purpose. Thinking small about ourselves does not serve us well. Instead it holds us back. As we’ve often been taught, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” We can stop comparing our worst to someone else’s best. “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

In contrast, the Lord assures us that when we have virtuous thoughts, He will bless us with confidence, even the confidence to know who we really are. There’s never been a more crucial time to heed His words. “Let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly,” He said. “Then shall thy confidence wax strong in the presence of God; and … the Holy Ghost shall be thy constant companion.” — Joy D. Jones
"Now, if you have stepped off the path, may I invite you with all the hope in my heart to please come back. Whatever your concerns, whatever your challenges, there is a place for you in this, the Lord’s Church. You and generations yet unborn will be blessed by your actions now to return to the covenant path. Our Father in Heaven cherishes His children, and He wants each of us to return home to Him. This is a grand goal of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—to help each of us to come back home." — President Russell M Nelson
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I used to be that typical teenager who gives my parents headache, letting them worry what time I will be coming home, where am I and who am I with. I used to hang out with friends and do things that I thought before, was the definition of happiness.

When I was about to graduate from college, I experienced how it felt to be lost, scared, and sad for no exact reason. I got tired of feeling helpless until one day I decided to go back to church and from there I started reading the Book of Mormon, attend church activities and institute classes. I was called to be a primary teacher, a ward missionary and a YSA representative.

I have felt the security that I've been looking for by obeying God's commandments and serving His people. I have felt pure joy. I have felt the love and welcoming arms of our Heavenly Father and His son, our Savior Jesus Christ.

It just feels great being honest with your own mistakes. As a result of acknowledging this, we grow in faith and we begin to change how we think and do. Despite the wrong turns I made, my Savior was there to lift me up. I've learned that many times God doesn't reveal things to you until you become obedient.

He knows that transitioning from the past habits is never easy. I just had to take one small steps each time going towards Him. The closer I get, the more I realize I didn't want to fall back to my old ways. I realized that He had put the rules in place not to punish us, but to protect us.

Sin is one small step after another that takes us away from God. But our Father loves us so much that He made a way out. He gave us His Son to atone for the debts we can never pay. He wants only the best for us and that is, a life full of joy.

Alma the Younger gave me hope that it doesn't matter who you used to be but what matters is who and what you're becoming through the help of Jesus Christ. The Gospel has truly changed not only my life but also the people around me. I am blessed to understand the Plan of Happiness and I want to do my best to invite others to come and know for themselves that this church is true.

- Bianca Mangiliman
Bicutan Ward, Taguig Philippines Stake
Called to serve in Utah, St. George Mission
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When I received my mission call, some of my friends shouted for joy. I share with them the same feeling and I'm happy to serve a full-time mission and represent Jesus Christ.

I'm excited to invite others to come unto Christ, teach them the importance of repentance and share them the blessings of the Atonement. I also know that families can be together forever and I'd love to share that message to all the world.

I'm assigned to labor in Korea Seoul South Mission. I always remind myself that it's not where you serve but how you serve the people in that place. I always have that wonderful feeling in my heart for the people in South Korea. I admit that I'm hooked with some Korean TV series and other shows ever since it became a trend.

I know that blessings will come to me and to my family as I "go where He wants me to go and do what He wants me to do". I know the Lord won't forget us. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church. I know the Book of Mormon and the restored gospel can change you to become better. 사랑해요

- Sister Jenette Domingo
Goa 1st Ward, Goa Philippines Stake
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