Listening to Elder Ronald A. Rasband’s talk in General Conference, I was made to ponder when he was asked a very important, life-influencing question by his daughter. That question was, “Is it still safe and wise to bring children into this seemingly wicked and frightening world we live in?” Like Elder Rasband’s daughter, I was also made to ask, “In this age of chaos and confusion, should I risk bearing delicate little babies and delivering them into all these difficulties?”

However bleak the idea may be, my heart found strength in the knowledge that my Heavenly Father has my back. I then made a list of reasons why I need not doubt.

family of 2 children

A clear understanding of the Plan of Salvation is the backbone of meaningful parenting.

I Have the Gospel and I Can Teach Them the Plan of Salvation

Knowing the Plan of Salvation, we draw inspiration from the knowledge that there is a purpose to mortality. We understand where we came from and why we are here on Earth. It is inspiring to know that I will have opportunities to tell my children of a loving Heavenly Father and of the Great Atoning Sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ. The world, with all that is unfair in it, is made brighter by the Gospel. Armed with this testimony, I have an assurance that the future is as bright as our faith. Our faith may not shield us from all the negative things in life but it will raise us to a level of understanding that makes sense of it all.

When we teach our children the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we can rest assured that they will have the right foundation to base their life on.

Heavenly Father Depends on Us to Give His Spirit Children Physical Bodies

Equipped with a physical body and able to conceive children within the bonds of marriage, we have one of the greatest errands divinely given to God’s children – to be procreators with God to bring His spirit children to earth. I am often reminded that when we are on the Lord’s errand, we are entitled to His help. When it comes to bearing children, I am confident that my Father in Heaven will never leave me helpless. Parenthood is not easy but help is always available. Call upon the Lord through prayer and He will always hear you. He is counting on us to bring about His work in carrying out His plan.

Let Us Not Deprive Them of This Mortal Experience

When the foundations of the earth were laid, “all the sons of God shouted for joy” (Job 38:4-7). It must have been such a glorious moment when we learned in the premortal world that we would be able to come to Earth and experience mortality. But since passing through the veil of forgetfulness, we cannot fully recall that experience. Nevertheless, this gift of mortality must be undergone by all of God’s children. If we feel that we do not need to bring children into this world, we are, in a way, limiting opportunities for Heavenly Father’s spirit children to come and experience mortality. Not all of us have the opportunity and/or capacity to bear children but we all have the power of choice to love and take care of them. We all have different circumstances in life, but I believe we can be united in the knowledge that we have been given the chance to be here on Earth, so let us make the same opportunity available to others as well.

family with 3 children

Parents are procreators with Heavenly Father in bringing to pass His work and His glory.

As world conditions tend to be unfavorable for parents bringing children into mortality, let us not forget that there is a Plan for us to find joy in this life. May we continue to be steadfast in our efforts to obey the Lord’s commandments and be true to our covenants. By doing so we will find the peace and assurance that our efforts to bear and nurture children in these trying times are never wasted. I know that the heavens smile upon us as we move forward with faith in building up the Lord’s kingdom here on Earth. So when you begin to doubt if it is still worth it, “Take heart, brothers and sisters. Yes, we live in perilous times, but as we stay on the covenant path, we need not fear.”