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When it comes to children, what is a mother’s greatest hope? The answer might surprise you.


What is a mother’s greatest hope and aspiration for her kids?

Although hospitals are places we can have our health checked, they’re also the perfect place to look at doctors passing by and question your life choices. “What if I had chosen to be a doctor? My life would have been totally different.”

I was in my 20th week of pregnancy when I developed such a fascination with the medical profession. Every time I had my prenatal check up, I would often rub my belly and say “Baby, I hope you become a doctor someday.” It was a mother’s hope.

But doctors have other tipping points, too. So, I would rub my belly again and tell my hyperactive little man “Baby, I hope that more than anything else, you will be patient and kind.” Yes, more than having a degree and a title, there was something much bigger that I wanted him to be: I just wanted him to become a person who is amiable, kind, caring, and honest. Yes, he can be who he wants to be, but I hope that he will never forget the important values.

I often wonder “Am I the only one who feels this way? I wonder, too, about other mothers’ desires for their children. Yes, Moms are our greatest fans and they want us to succeed in life. But, are there deepest yearnings and hopes for us that go beyond degrees and worldly success?

I asked 4 wonderful ladies to share their own “mother’s hopes,” and I was surprised, and inspired, by their answers. “My greatest hope is that my child will stand steadfast on higher ground than the world surrounding him now. I know I will always be there for him but I can’t be right next to him all the time. So I hope he finds confidence in “I am a Child of God”, comfort in “I know that My Redeemer Lives” and strength in “How Firm a Foundation.”


As much as I would want him to follow our footsteps or do better than what we have done, I want him to follow the Savior. [Then] I can be sure that he will be happy and safe all throughout his earthly life and come home to us in the next, no matter where his dreams may take him.” – Aira, mom-to-be, New Zealand



3It is a given that every parent wants their children be good in all aspects of their life, be it academic, sports or even personal life. But as a first-time mom, it is my sincere hope that my children will grow with courage to stand as a witness of God, to live by their beliefs and standards, and to never forget their identity with Heavenly Father that they are beautifully and wonderfully made. And lastly, that no matter how cliché it may seem, when the pain and hurts of this world may come, not to let one painful experience blur the reality that life is beautiful; that they are precious and loved by us and loved by Him.” – Ritzel, mom-to-be, Pasig


2“’What’s my greatest hope for my children?’ It’s just simple. My greatest hope for my child (and soon to be children) is for them to be HAPPY. For someone who has lived a generation older than them, we are much wiser. Our experiences in this mortal life have taught us that happiness can’t be found in our bank accounts, earthly possessions, physical appearance and status but it is something that we can attain when we learn to think less of ourselves, as we serve others and as we strive to live the principles of the gospel, which will protect us from the strife and chaos in this world and which is also a guideline to a happy and abundant life. Most of all, I want them to develop that deep love for our Heavenly Father, and Savior Jesus Christ.  I want them to be happy because I love them so much and knowing that they’ve found themselves guided by the Spirit of the Lord, I know that it will help them to attain the greatest gift of all, eternal life which will give us eternal happiness.” – Christine Airi, mom to Jacob Connor, Bacolod


“My husband and I have striven since their birth, so that our children would always feel loved and know in their hearts who they really are- children of God. That they may radiate the same love to everyone because if they do, they will never be alone.” – Tess, mother to Cara, Isaiah, and John, Tarlac




“I hope to see them and their respective families safely anchored in the promises of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I want with all of my heart a multi-generational, value-oriented family, willingly serving the Lord and His people. It is my hope that my children will be guardians of virtue, will always stand for truth and righteousness, thus will they ‘fill the measure of their creation’ and be happy.” – Ping, mother of Giulia, Chini, Liam, and Louie, Negros Occidental


Truly, a mother’s heart, a mother’s love, and a mother’s greatest hopes are so special that we can’t help but be grateful for them. Their days are filled with both worry and hope. They always see what’s best in us and they believe we can always reach that. Yes, they will be pleased if we achieve the world’s applause, but their desires for us run deeper than that.

A mother’s love is a reflection of how the Lord sees us. I am grateful to know that even though the world may look at my success as mediocre, as long as I have reached my mother’s greatest hope for me, I have not failed her or the Lord. That’s all that matters.