You’re often up before the sun rises and start with many of the same things every day- chores, the same responsibilities as yesterday and the day before. You remember enjoying it the first few weeks and months, but then reality sets in. BEING A MOM IS HARD. Even harder some days. 

You ask yourself, “Why am I feeling this way? What am I doing this for?” Sometimes you might feel like you’re stuck in a loop of exhaustion, restlessness, and not having enough time for all the things you need to do, or for yourself.

That is normal and almost all mothers feel the same way. It can be exhausting.

However, He chose YOU to nurture the world and His children here on earth. He gave you this divine role and duty to build His Kingdom.

As an expecting mom or a mom of younger babies, you can get tired of all the sleepless nights and exhausting days doing childcare and household chores, among other things. But that exhaustion just bursts into thin air when you see your baby taking his first step, or hearing him say his first word, or just seeing him smile at you. Oh, that overwhelming joy in a new mom’s heart!

As a mom of older kids, you can get exhausted from chores and making sure that they are growing into responsible people and doing good things in their life. You worry if you’ve disciplined them enough or loved them enough, or just simply if you’ve done enough. But when they hand you that ‘I love you’ note out of nowhere, or kiss and hug you, or you see them do well at school, at work, or in life, no amount of hard work or tears can tarnish the happiness that you feel. Every tear will make sense, and even your worries can turn into joy.

You are the one with the power to make the home! You probably make the delicious meals your family enjoys every day. You bear the children that add happiness to the family. You might organize the family’s schedule so everyone and everything is in order. You are the reason why that child jumps up and down with joy upon seeing you. You are the reason why they try their best to make you proud and happy. You are the reason why that child is brave enough to face their fears and be brave because you taught them to do so. You are the reason why your kids leave the house presentable, tidy, and healthy. And believe it or not, you are the reason they always want to come home!

That’s how motherhood is! This divine role from God surely involves a lot of work, pain, and countless sacrifices, but the joy and numerous lessons it brings make everything worth it.

The role of a mother can’t be defined by how many chores she can finish in a day, or how well she can cook, or whether she works or stays at home, but by how willingly she cares for her family, and how she loves them so dearly. No mother is perfect, but you don’t have to be. Christ will lead and guide you in this most important calling, and He can make up the difference for the imperfections and mistakes that we all have.

The leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have taught about the importance Heavenly Father places on mothers, and the trust that He has in you, “Motherhood is near to divinity. It is the highest, holiest service to be assumed by mankind. It places her who honors its holy calling and service next to the angels.”

When you understand the divinity of this role, the difficult responsibilities become lighter as you ask God for guidance and help for each child. You will understand that more than the tasks you need to finish, you are shaping God’s child into what He wants him to be. You are building God’s Kingdom and preparing His children for their divine roles in this life.