We live in this world that is constantly changing and we all hope for a future that is better and brighter than the times in which we currently live! We cannot control the actions of others or tell them what they should do to achieve that goal but we can start by doing simple things in our own little ways.

One of the simple things that we can do is taught in a Mormon Children’s song:

I want to be kind to ev’ryone,

For that is right, you see.

So I say to myself, “Remember this:

Kindness begins with me.

When we do something good for others, we feel good about ourselves and we are filled with unexplainable joy. From simple things, great things are realized. We can experience change in our own life or in the lives of others.

Here is a list of small acts of kindness we can share with others:

  1. Always wear a smile wherever you go.
  2. Say I Love you to your parents and mean it. Or if you’re a parent, tell your kids that you love them.
  3. Leave positive comments to 10 of your friends on social media.
  4. When your friends talk negatively about someone, say something positive and nice.
  5. Give away clothes that you may not use anymore to the less fortunate.
  6. Give someone a hug.
  7. Offer to do household chores.
  8. Never forget to say these magic words: “Please” and “Thank you!”
  9. When you’re in a jeepney, bus or train, offer your seat to a disabled, elderly, or pregnant person.
  10. Be a courteous driver.
  11. Don’t litter. Pick up trash when you go for a walk.
  12. Invite someone to wholesome, fun and meaningful activities.
  13. Leave an uplifting note on your colleague’s work desk or on the armchair of your seatmate in school.
  14. Make some extra food to share with your colleague at work or with a classmate.
  15. Comfort someone by listening intently.
  16. Drop someone off at home, school or their workplace.
  17. Initiate a conversation with someone who is shy, aloof or isolated.
  18. Send a text message to 20 contacts in your phonebook and let them know that you love and care for them.
  19. Do a load of laundry or cook a good meal for someone who is going through a rough time.
  20. Offer to babysit for free.
  21. Participate in community service projects.
  22. Donate blood.
  23. Hang out with a person who just moved in near your place.
  24. Put away all distractions (e.g. smartphone, laptop) and spend some quality time with someone.
  25. Email, text or leave a Facebook message for a teacher who made a difference in your life.
  26. Leave a sticky note with uplifting quotes on the restroom mirrors.
  27. Help someone solve a Math problem, teach Basic English or help out with a Science project.
  28. Remind yourself to have patience because everyone is fighting their own battles.
  29. List some positive traits of a friend and let them know.
  30. Plant a tree.
  31. Bring an extra umbrella at school or at work and let someone borrow it on their way home.
  32. Help someone find a job. If you can’t, at least you can accompany them in securing the requirements.
  33. Each night before you retire to bed, think of at least 5 things you’re grateful for.
  34. Give a homeless person a snack or meal.
  35. Visit an elderly or lonely person.
  36. Treat someone with an ice cream or a pizza.
  37. Help someone who is struggling with heavy equipment or bags.
  38. Give direction to someone who is trying to locate a certain place.
  39. Invite others to eat lunch or dinner with you at home.
  40. Volunteer your time at a library, school, or community center.

Acts of service need not be expensive and do not necessarily require a massive amount of efforts. When you have the desire to help others every day, you also help to accomplish positive change in this world. By showing deep concern and pure love for others, we develop a close relationship to God and His children.

These simple joys can have a domino effect and you may never know the extent your simple acts have influenced or changed the lives of others. Through selfless and unconditional service, you can make the world a better place.