You might have a friend or know someone who is a Mormon, that doesn’t drink alcohol or smoke. You might have seen Mormon missionaries, wearing a black tag on their chest that says “Elder or Sister so and so, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.” Maybe you have seen one of the Mormon temples. Or maybe you have heard jokes about Mormons.

Mormonism is a global faith centered on Jesus Christ. For this very reason, Mormons are Christians. There are 15 million of us throughout the world. You can find our chapels and meeting houses in most countries across the globe. Here is a simple 2 minute video that introduces our beliefs.

We are all Children of God

Mormons are ordinary people. But we believe that all of us (including you!) are extraordinary as well, precious sons and daughters of God, here on earth to learn and grow with our families and friends. And we will one day be able to go back to God’s presence and live with Him and our loved ones forever.

Mormons are Christian

We believe and accept Jesus Christ as the Savior of mankind. This means we recognize that all of us make mistakes, both big and small, in this life as we learn and grow, but because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can have the greatest source of help in overcoming our shortcomings and starting again. It means we know that we will all die one day, but because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we will all live again and forever. And it means that His love for you is personal and unconditional.

Here is a great minute-and-a-half long video that beautifully depicts the love and compassion that Jesus Christ has for us.

Mormons revere the Bible as the word of God and believe the Book of Mormon to be another testament of Jesus Christ. And yes, we got this nickname, “Mormon” because of the Book of Mormon. Because God loves all His children, He has given His word liberally through scripture; as a companion to the Bible, the Book of Mormon is proof of this. An ancient record that contains writings of prophets on the American continents, the Book of Mormon supports Bible teachings, adds clarifying details to doctrine, and gives witness to the resurrected Christ.

Modern Prophets and Apostles

One more thing about Mormons. We believe that God, the Eternal Father, still calls his servants – prophets and apostles – to carry out His work on the earth, which is to bring all of us to His son Jesus Christ. They are special witnesses of the Savior. God still lives, and more importantly, He still loves and cares for us, and we believe that He sends these witnesses as prophets, seers and revelators for the generation that we live in. They begin as just everyday faithful people, and come from various backgrounds and walks of life. But when they are called by God, they then dedicate their lives to help us understand God’s plan, strengthen our faith, and learn the truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Matthew 7:16 in the Bible says, “by their fruits, ye shall know them.” Why don’t you try listening to their testimonies of the Savior and see for yourself? (This video is about two minutes long.)

It is through these prophets and apostles that the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints know that families can be together forever as part of God’s plan. It’s through them that we are edified and motivated to follow the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. From their examples, we have a better understanding of how to communicate with our Heavenly Father through sincere prayer and personal revelation received through the Holy Ghost. They really help us to draw closer to the Savior.

quote by Dieter F. Uchtdort testifying that God calls prophets to guide his children

Mormons believe God continues to call prophets and apostles

So now you know is a little bit about us. Jesus gave us a commandment to, “Love thy neighbor (Mark 12:31).” This is the watchword of every true Christian as we try to become disciples of Christ, and this is what we strive to do in our daily lives. We know that we are all imperfect people. but when we do good, there is this feeling inside that tells us that what we are doing is right.

If you’d like to learn more about Mormons or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, please contact us. We’d love to help.