2017 may not have ended well, especially for those who went through Christmas feeling the cold that comes from celebrating without a special someone. We must not despair because another year means another opportunity to improve. Making right choices in dating are necessary to achieve eternal marriage.

As we contemplate our dating efforts, let us keep in mind small and simple steps Heavenly Father would have us take in order to achieve the ultimate goal of having a family.

Here is a list of things you can do to improve for this year:

  1. Pray for guidance. This will help us see the direction God has prepared.
  2. Join Institute activities. This is a way to meet people from other stakes.
  3. Find simple ways to be together. Sit together during activities, or walk her home.
  4. Repent. Our spirituality is reflected in our appearance.
  5. Present our goals to God. This shows Heavenly Father that we are sincere with our desires.
  6. Don’t use titles. Titles such as “Ate” and “Kuya” can block a dating opportunity.
  7. Find ways to be in his or her presence. Sometimes, a little effort is needed.
  8. Move on. We can’t find “the one” with only one person.
  9. Ask for referrals. Our friends might have someone in mind who is perfect for us.
  10. Do meaningful things together. This brings happiness in a relationship and not regret.
  11. Remember the true purpose of dating. Inspiration comes with real intent.
  12. Become spiritually mature. This is attractive for people who plans to marry in the temple.
  13. Don’t use cellphones so often. Using cellphones create a barrier for communication in person.
  14. Don’t just chat online. We can never truly know a person by only chatting online.
  15. Accept date invitations. First dates are meant to build friendship and not commitments.
  16. Stop hoping and start doing. Just like faith, nothing will happen without work.
  17. Hold activities with other wards. There are many unfamiliar single adults within the stake.
  18. Smile at him or her. Smiling at someone shows that you’re happy to see that person.
  19. Brothers, act like a proper Priesthood holder. Be humble and full of virtue.
  20. Sisters, become an elect lady. Modesty is attractive.
  21. Be of good cheer. People would more likely spend time with you when you’re happy.
  22. Be engaged in a good cause. Idleness is unattractive.
  23. Learn new skills together. This is a great opportunity to build a relationship.
  24. Make new friends. The person we’re looking for might not be in our circle of friends.
  25. Set activities outside the church. This will help you get to know people in a different environment.

Dating could be exhausting and emotionally draining but whether we achieve our hopes for this year or not, these things will surely improve our overall capacity to do good.

God loves us and he wants us to find our eternal companion. As we make consistent efforts in fulfilling His commandment, our actions will become consecrated. Our divine purpose here on earth is to build our own family and achieve exaltation. Though these efforts may seem small and insignificant, this is God’s way for accomplishing great things(Alma 37:6).