Attending a General Conference live is a “dream come true” for many LDS members in the Philippines. Are you one of those who are thinking of attending General Conference live in Salt Lake City anytime soon? Are you wondering how and where you can get tickets and not miss this wonderful event? We have good news for you. Getting General Conference tickets for internationals is now easier.

A recent article from Deseret News related a recent change on how to get tickets for General Conference if you plan to travel to Salt Lake City and watch it live. David Miles, the director of events and support services at Temple Square, shared that the change will leverage the use of technology. People living outside the United States of America and Canada will need to inform a Stake President in their area about their plans to attend. The Stake President will then order the tickets online in advance. The electronic tickets, which can be printed at home, will then be sent to an email account of the Stake President specifically set-up for this purpose.

This new method is a lot easier than what we have been used to: going through long lines and presenting documents to prove that we are indeed from international countries before we can get our tickets.

This is also not limited to members of the LDS church. Non-members and friends who are travelling to Utah during General Conference weekends, who are interested in attending, are more than welcome to approach the Stake President in the area and ask for ticket reservations.

It is also important to note that aside from this change, other general conference ticketing guidelines have not changed and are still in effect.

You can share this good news with family and friends who might be taking a trip to Utah for the April 2018 General Conference so they get their ticket orders in early. This could also open doors for missionary work if non-members who are curious about the LDS church know that they can attend this event.