Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year, not only because it is a time when we give and receive gifts, but it is also the perfect season to serve. Families often make the Christmas celebrations more exciting by establishing Christmas traditions they can do every year. Even for newlyweds, creating Christmas traditions can prove to be a blessing. Here are 5 newlywed Christmas traditions to start in this season of giving and sharing.

Newlywed Christmas traditions opening gifts

The newlywed Christmas traditions you establish can last for a long, long time.

Gift Goals

One of the biggest challenges of finding Christmas gifts is that sometimes, we can’t be sure if the item we’re planning to give will be helpful to our beloved recipient. This dilemma can make gift-giving stressful, but what if you and your sweetheart sat down together and listed your goals for the following year? If she lists down “I want to learn how to paint,” you might get the idea of giving her a paint set for Christmas. If one of his goals is to be more frugal, you can then give him a book that will help him reach for that goal. Not only will you strengthen your relationship by letting each other know your hopes and dreams, you can also be sure that the gift you will give your other half this Christmas will be helpful in the pursuit of their goals and dreams.

Secret Santa

Every time I think about the happiness that comes from serving others anonymously, I remember President Gordon B. Hinckley’s Mormon Message entitled, “Lessons I Learned As A Boy” where he shared the story of two young boys who gave service to a poor man anonymously. Little did they know that the simple service they gave was a tender mercy to that man who had a sick wife and hungry kids. We can never truly know all the needs of the people around us, but we can do something to let them know that people still care for them. While out on a date, you and your spouse can observe and learn more about the people you interact with. From there, you can plan a “Secret Santa Mission” where you anonymously give gifts to people you care about. The thrill and the knowledge that you made someone happy on Christmas day will make the Secret Santa Mission a memory you can always look back on fondly with your spouse.

Adopt-a-Friend on Christmas

Nothing beats a Christmas celebrated with family. However, not everyone will be fortunate enough to come home during Christmas time. Some celebrate it without any company. Newlyweds who are far from their respective families may feel a bit lonesome their first Christmas. To make the experience a memorable one, newly weds can establish a tradition of adopting a friend for Christmas Eve dinner. Not only are you building a pattern of service for your married life, you will also create many great memories with others as you share the love of the Savior.

Sing Some Carols

Starting newlywed Christmas traditions does not automatically mean you have to shell out a lot of money. In fact, some of the greatest traditions you can do come for free. For example, singing carols for your neighbors. Spread the Christmas spirit to your friends and neighbors by singing a couple of songs for free. You can also visit orphanages, nursing homes, and hospitals where you can sing for and cheer up patients.

Focus On Christlike Attributes

During the 2012 First Presidency Christmas Devotional, Pres. Thomas S. Monson said, “We find happiness when we make the Savior the focus of the season.” Of course, there are so many newlywed Christmas traditions that you can start but we should never forget to put Christ first on the list. This Christmas season, let your activities be focused more on Christ. You can go and watch nativity pageants, set regular temple dates, list down Christlike attributes you want to improve, or listen to inspiring talks about Jesus Christ. For a yearender activity, you can set a goal of Christlike attributes you want to develop for the coming year.

Newlywed Christmas Traditions: A Great Start

Shifting from celebrating Christmas with family to celebrating the season with your spouse can be quite an adjustment, an adjustment that might sometimes feel lonely. But as you establish service-oriented Christmas traditions with your spouse, Christmases with your beloved other half will become more and more exciting through the years.