1 Kings 17 records of an admirable woman who received a great blessing because of her faith. She is popularly known as the widow of Zarephath. Perhaps we may marvel at her faith, and how she could give up her and her son’s last meal just to serve the Prophet Elijah. Her story has been used as an example of sacrifice, faith, and even fast offerings. But when I read her story again, I realized that the trusting widow also teaches a powerful lesson on dating.

Important lessons on dating.

Lessons on dating: Are we prepared when the right one comes?

What She Did Not Have

Because of the wickedness of the people of Zidon, the Lord caused a famine to come to the land. The Widow of Zarephath was one of those affected by the famine. She did not have enough, in fact, she was down to her last meal. But the Lord chose her to serve Prophet Elijah.

In dating, we may sometimes feel like the Widow of Zarephath. There will be moments that we may think our resources are not enough for us to qualify to go on dates. Because of our inadequacies, we may feel that the dating scene is not for us.

What She Had

As I was reading her story, I paused for a moment and really thought of possible reasons why she was chosen to be the one to “sustain” the Prophet. The first thought that came to me was that she had faith. The Lord must have seen her heart and knew she was willing to sacrifice. I also thought that it could be because of her testimony of the Prophet. But one thing stood out in her story. Aside from her faith, and her testimony, she also had something very essential: “a meal in a barrel, and a little oil in a cruse.” I do not know the conditions during their time but perhaps she was chosen because even though she only had little, she still had something to offer. She was ready because she had something to offer. She was sure to act on her faith because she had something to offer.

Many of us have the faith and the testimony that the Lord will give us wonderful eternal companions according to His timetable. Without a doubt, the Lord hears our righteous desires and is willing to bless us just as how he blessed the widow’s household with the presence of a Prophet. However, do we have “a meal in a barrel and a little oil in a cruse” ready? Are we self-reliant enough to faithfully “sustain” the possible eternal companion that may one day come our way?

The Lord Multiplies What Little We Have

Perhaps all of us has an experience where we tend to feel we aren’t ready because we only have a little to offer. At times, we may feel that preparedness means having an established career or a stable bank account. But that is not the case. Like the story of the widow, no matter how little it is, as long as we have something to offer, the Lord– through our faith, testimony and actions– can multiply it for us.

What you offer now may be simple: goals needed to be achieved, strong work ethic, education that is yet to be finished, or your dedication to the Lord’s work. But if you are obedient to the Lord and give dating and marriage a go, the little you may offer for now “shall not waste,” and “shall not fail.”

Be Like The Widow Of Zarephath

If you are still in the journey of finding an eternal companion, do all you can to prepare yourself to be ready to “sustain” dating and marriage. Get all the education you can, learn new skills, go out and mingle with people, be self-reliant in all aspects. It can bless your life. When a possible eternal companion enters the scene, you will be confident to say “I may have a little, but I have something I can offer.” With faith, testimony, and hard work,it will be enough.