The scriptures teach us that the greatest work of the Lord is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. Our Father in Heaven gives us the gospel of Jesus Christ to help us know, understand and enjoy the blessings of exaltation. He also gives us commandments for our happiness. Our obedience to the gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest measure of liberty that can come to man. Man is not free when he is under the bondage of sin and of transgression, or when he is restricted by ignorance of the plan of life and salvation.

In the teachings of President Joseph F. Smith he said, “Let us be free. I contend and I think I have right to do so that I am a free man, in accordance with my observance of the commandments of God. If I do wrong, I am in bondage to that sin, If I transgress the laws of God, I am responsible before the Lord. But I contend that as to liberty, as to freedom of speech, freedom of will, freedom of action-as to everything that goes to make a free man in the midst of men, I do not believe there is another man on earth any freer that I am”.

No man is like God unless he is free. God is free, and possesses all righteousness, all power, and all wisdom. He also possesses His agency. His agency is exercised in doing that which is good, and not that which is evil, so no man can be like unto Him until he can subject himself unto that which is righteous, pure, and good, and become the best version of himself.

I had a good friend who grew up in a very poor family. She needed to work the whole day and afterwards still had a part time job in the evening. I admired her diligence and love for her family. There was one time I asked her, “What makes you strong every single day and how do you manage to obey the Lord’s commandments especially paying tithing when you know that your money is not enough?” I honestly came to love her even more when she replied, “Our life here on earth is too short and nothing is permanent. The Lord has blessed me so much already which I know I couldn’t ever pay. The only thing that makes me strong every day is to completely trust Him by keeping His commandments. The greatest reward that I ever had in my life is peace and freedom. I always feel the comfort and assurance that the Lord will never forsake me. It makes me free from sin, troubles and worries.”

Elder Bednar quote on tithing,

An apostle of the Lord bears his testimony of the blessings of paying our tithing.

Sometimes we are too afraid to obey because we don’t understand everything. I remember the story of the converted Lamanites. After they received the truthfulness of the gospel they immediately followed the Lord without any conditions or doubts in their hearts and because of their faithfulness and obedience they were freed from bondage and prospered in the land. I believe the Lord will always deliver us from our trials, and challenges as we hold on and trust Him. May we always exercise our obedience to the Lord no matter how difficult our circumstances in life may be.