It is indeed true that behind a man’s success is usually a woman. But I also believe that behind a wonderful woman is a good man, whether that be a loving father, husband, or a supportive brother, friend, or son. When a woman gets married and has her own children her whole life changes. She has more responsibilities, she often has less time for herself, and her priorities change. And because people know how hard it is to be a wife and a mother, often times people wonder how others remain so inwardly beautiful and happy.

Most of the wives and mothers that I know have told me that if a woman is always happy, no matter how hard the challenges she may be facing, the beautiful countenance on her face will stay because the joy that she has is from the inside and not just from outward beauty secrets. One reason for a woman’s lasting happiness is when she knows her worth as a woman. But at some points when a woman feels so overwhelmed by the world’s expectations, she may forget who she is and sometimes even get lost.

A very close friend of mine who is a husband also said, “A wife must know every single day how precious she is. Over time I learned how to make my wife happy and beautiful every single day of her life. I believe that I am a living mirror of my wife.”

This very good friend of mine even shared some reminders for his fellow men on how to make their wives feel inwardly beautiful.

  1. Appreciate her. Always be sensitive to this. Don’t forget to say thank you. Showing your genuine gratitude will make her feel that she is valued. Women are very sensitive that’s why they are called to be mothers. Make her always feel that she’s everything to you.
  2. Tell her every day how beautiful she is. Tell her these lines especially after a long day doing tasks and duties for your children. When she feels that she’s beautiful to you, her self-esteem will increase.
  3. Do not overload her. You are partners, that’s why you should equally work things out. It does not mean that if you work all day, you are excused from doing household chores.
  4. Court her every day. Give her your hugs and kisses. Always remember the important events like your anniversary, her birthday, and others. Write her letters, make some cute art for her, sometimes I buy my wife a dress or make her favorite dessert.
  5. Listen to her. When she’s trying to tell you something, stop and listen. Especially if your wife stays alone the whole day at home.
  6. Respect her. Your faithfulness to your wife increases her self-respect. Never yell at her. Do not embarrass her especially in front of others. Give her words of love and encouragement.
  7. Be a blessing and not a burden. Your wife will be your best friend and companion. Never treat her like your maid or your house help. I know most of us men are not as expressive or as sensitive as women, but I assure you that if you’ll help yourself to learn at least some of this, you’ll realize that she’s even more beautiful than the first time you met her.

I am so proud of this man. I am a witness of his great love for his wife. I even understand now why his wife looks so lovely and is always wearing her sweet smile. Her bright countenance inspires other women to remember their great worth. And I am also grateful for a good husband who is always there to encourage, to inspire and to make me feel beautiful always.