The gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us that relationships can last for eternity. This is why it breaks my heart when I hear Mormon members say “walang forever.” Though they only mean it to be a joke, it is contrary to everything we believe in. I often wonder if it’s just me who feels uncomfortable hearing it or if other people feel the same way. So, I asked a few friends what they think about the expression and here are some of their responses:

There is forever, if you believe with every bit of you the want of it. In this case, love becomes more than just a human type of love, it becomes something alive, something that develops and grows. It deepens, it takes its own course through and through, until it becomes eternal in nature. Learn from God himself: Isaiah 40:8. – Pheobe, Hawaii

Those who say no forever, I believe, are those who do not understand the purpose of life. – Jonas, Utah

Para sa akin, nagjo-joke lang sila kasi yung saying na yan ay uso ngayon. Parang expression lang nila. Or maybe, sinasabi nila na “walang forever” cause they are losing hope na makahanap ng partner and they feel discouraged. But I don’t feel they really meant it kasi naniniwala naman talaga ang mga members na may eternity, forever pa kaya? Ginagamit lang nila as expression cguro. – Aileen, Davao

There’s a big difference if a church member would say it. For me, honestly, I brush it off because I think nagpapa-cute lang sila kasi we are already taught na may forever so why say the opposite? Nakiki-uso? – Ira, California

Para sa akin, ang forever ay nasa relationship as long as two individuals work with each other. Give and take relationships. The Lord declared that husband and wife can be together when they are sealed in the Temple. That is for all time and eternity. Naniniwala ako sa forever, basta both couple will work it out. Andyan yung trust, respect, love, and soooo many things pa. – Alice, Japan

At first, I would just brush it off and dismiss it thinking that that could just be an expression they’re using considering “walang forver” is a line popular especially to the youth. However, when someone who just had a heartbreak would suddenly insist that there really is no forever, I feel really sad. The knowledge of being with the love of my life and my family for time and all eternity has comforted me in times of great anxiety and challenges. The truth that indeed there is a forever has strengthened us and our resolve to live worthy of that blessing. I feel sad when people lose sight of that truth because a great hope comes with having faith in the promise of forever. – Giulia, Quezon City

I think we members should not be seen nor be heard with the “walang forever” thing. This is not just a mockery to the atonement but a non-humanitarian act of hurting more those who are already losing their grip to the light of Christ because of heartbreak. There is a thing called FOREVER and that’s A HARD TRUTH that not even the most intelligent brain can bend. – Jun, Quezon City

Para sa akin, sa mga tao na nagsasabi na walang forever I think hindi nila na appreciate yung time nila nong may bf/gf pa sila, like they just focus on the negative side ng relationship. Para sa akin lahat ng relationship ay naglala-last forever kahit hindi naging kayo in the end. It lasts forever kasi sa mga good memories, fun times, etc. Para sa akin hindi dapat mag-end yung relationship or friendship kahit di na kayo. – Rommel, Thailand

I’m grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ kasi it taught me na merong forever. Though some members joke about it, I hope that friends not of our faith understand that Mormons believe in forever. Life without the promise of forever is not a life worth living.